David Coleman : Piano & Vocals

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Davids story…

David was born in 1996. His first instrument was the harmonica, which he picked up through jammin’ along to songs in the house. He had his first piano when he was 5 years old, an 18 inch toy one which was his pride and joy. He asked Howie to show him some songs, which was a difficult task with such a tiny number of keys! The first song he ever learned to play was Buddy Holly’s “Everyday”. He continued to practice his piano but struggled to move onto the full-time version of the instrument, as his hands were too small. So he had to let nature take his course, and bide his time waiting to grow, while occasionally playing a few songs on his harmonica in the set, and handling security when he wasn’t!

At 6 and a half, he finally got his wish, his fingers had grown enough for him to be able to play an adult-size piano, so it was only then that he had his first keyboard. It was originally bought for him to practice and learn on but he progressed so quickly, due to his love for the likes of Ray Charles and Jerry Lee Lewis, who he’d spend hours listening and playing along to, that by the age of 7 he’d joined the band. Although that very keyboard wasn’t purpose built for the rigors of the road, it trucked up and down the country for the next four years, and thousands of miles, until he finally made the step up to a full-sized one, when his hands were finally big enough again. Even at this young age, his great natural ability and confidence was such, that when he got asked to get up and guest with other bands, he did so without thinking, even if he didn’t know some of the songs they’d be playing; he would just busk along and enjoy the ride.

From a young age, David loved the sound of the piano and took influence from the music that was played around the house. He loved to listen to all sorts of music from the 50’s era, and sometimes before and after, it just didn’t matter to him, he would take inspiration wherever he could. Sometimes this would be a good thing, like when he’d be asked to play the piano for his primary school assemblies; “Coca-Cola”, “Three Speckled Frogs” and “Wheels On The Bus” never sounded so hot! Over the next number of years, David improved phenomenally fast and, as with his brother, benefitted from playing so much; it all went hand in hand. He became the pumpin’ rhythm of the band.

The next step in David’s musical career was as much of a surprise to the family as anyone else. After watching a film about Frankie Lymon’s life, David became completely hooked; he wanted to be Frankie! He said he wanted to sing some Frankie songs in the set. To everyone’s amazement, he opened his mouth and sounded exactly like a young Frankie Lymon, and so the songs got added to the set; the bands first real step into four part doowop. As great as this period was, unfortunately, nature had the last laugh. David’s voice dropped faster than a cartoon anvil and Frankie was no more.

At this time, while he was adjusting to his voice, David really pushed on with mastering his art. He spent hours practicing, learning new things and then trying them out, something he continues to do to this day; always learning. After getting passed the voice breaking, he got back to singing backing vocals, as if he’d never left.

Many thousands of fans, tell him how much they love his playing at our shows. Someone once said in a magazine article “He flies up and down the keys like nobody’s business, at a rate that doesn’t seem possible”; getting this kind of recognition is something that David is extremely proud of.

Most recently David has taken the lead on a number of songs, including the bands stompin’, show closing version of the classic “Let The Good Times Roll”. While Frankie may have disappeared, a soulful-bluesy hybrid has taken his place. While David loves singing the bluesy-beltin’ out type songs, he also loves doowop. He often takes lead in the bands doowop songs, and has received rave-reviews from critics and fans alike, for his lead singing on some of the bands acapella doowop videos; one of which reached over 2 million views! Not bad!

While not away on tour, he loves keeping fit. If he’s not over in Bristol, spending time with his long-time girfriend Chesca, he’ll be in the gym or out for a run. And when not doing either of those things, he’ll be playing some sort of music on either one of his pianos or one of his guitars!