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David was born in 1996. His first instrument was the harmonica, which he picked up through jammin' along in the house. He had an 18 inch toy piano when he was 5 and asked his Daddy to show him some songs. The first song he ever played was Buddy Holly's "Everyday". All he ever wanted to do was play the piano and at 6 1/2 he had his first real keyboard which was bought for him just to learn on. He progressed so quickly that at 7 years of age he joined the band and although the keyboard wasn't meant to be for that purpose, it ended up being on the road with him for the next 4 years and thousands of miles, when he eventually made the step up to a full-size piano. Even at this young age his ability and confidence was such, that when asked to get up and play with another band once, he did so without even thinking - He just enjoyed the ride!

From a young age David just loved the sound of the piano and took influence from the music that was played around the house. He loved to listen to all sorts of music from the 50's era, it didn't matter what style it was. As the saying goes "It's all Rock & Roll to me". Like his brother, his first taste of playing in public was in front of his classmates. His Primary School years were great fun, because when the school was short of a piano player for assembly, etc. they would ask David – the only thing was, he could only play Rock ‘n’ Roll – “Coca Cola”, “The Speckled Frogs” and “Wheels On The Bus” never sounded so hot!! Over the next few years David went from strength to strength, and continued to do so at speed because of the amount of gigs that he did. He just became the rhythm of the band.  

The next step in David's career was as much of a surprise to the family as anyone else. One Sunday afternoon the family sat down and watched a film about Frankie Lymon's life story and David became completely hooked - He wanted to be just like him. He said he wanted to sing some Frankie Lymon songs in the set, "We couldn't really see how this would work, until he opened his mouth to sing and then we were totally sold". He kept this going until, unfortunately, his voice broke! Then poor old Frankie disappeared from the set - David's voice dropped faster than a cartoon anvil!

While his hormones and breaking voice were sorting themselves out, he just concentrated on playing his piano. Which he did with aplomb courtesy of being a crazy teenager! Although as we speak at this moment in time (2019) he's not much more than a teenager as he's still only 22 years of age - And still crazy! That all said and done, he's turned into the backbone of the band, playing in between the cracks as they say and laying down some great rhythm as well as supplying backing vocals.

Many, many people tell him how much they enjoy his playing at shows, this is something that he is extremely proud of. He often says that he can't believe how lucky he is to be so young and to travel all over the world through playing his ol' piano!

He's also an accomplished musician and when not on the road, loves to play his guitar when he has the time - That's in between doing TV and Film work and going to the gym. 

The running joke in the band, is that David is a multi-tasking dogs body that can do anything, as he's the only person who can do two things at once! When needed he can play the piano and maracas at the same time, at Christmas, the piano and Jingle Bells at the same time, and he can also play the piano and sweep the stage at the same time, if you give him a broom! As they always say, "If it's not fun, whats the point?".

If you want to keep up with what David's up to, check out his Instagram, some of which is below! (Don't forget to give him a follow!!).

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